“That Cheese Plate” Curata

Curated and designed by cheese board expert, leading content creator, and bestselling author Marissa Mullen, the “That Cheese Plate” Curata features an astonishing 33 artisan cheeses, charcuterie, dried fruits, nuts, and chocolates! Creamy Brie, Truffle Gouda, Espresso and Lavender Cheddar, Spruce & Candy Salami, and Prosecco Cordials are just a few of the included specialty ingredients, hand-selected by Marissa for a perfect pairing that’s bursting with unique flavor. This board arrives ready to graze (no cutting or prepping required!) and includes a reusable acacia wood board. Save your board for repeat grazing and pick up a copy of Marissa’s bestselling book, “That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life,” to learn more about her expert method for crafting beautiful and delicious boards for all occasions.

65 ounces of cheese, charcuterie, and accompaniments total. Includes bamboo serving ware. Nuts arrive individually bagged and placed in each tray.

1. Creamy Brie
2. Espresso and Lavender Cheddar
3. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Cheddar
4. Apple Smoked Cheddar
5. Cranberry Goat
6. Ubriacone
7. Goat Fig Log with Edible Flowers
8. “Wild Boar” Truffle Cheddar
9. Goat Gouda
10. Blueberry Vanilla Goat
11. Truffle Salami
12. Salami Piccante
13. Spruce & Candy Salami
14. Truffle Marcona Almonds
15. Sundried Tomatoes
16. Pepperoncini
17. Roasted Hazelnuts
18. Dried Papaya
19. Dried Turkish Figs
20. Everything Flavored Cashews
21. Dried Apricots
22. Dried Strawberries
23. Candied Pecans
24. Sweet Candied Orange Slices
25. Dijon Pistachios
26. Dried Mango
27. Dried Tangerines
28. Sesame Almonds
29. Thai Crystallized Ginger
30. Prosecco Cordials
31. Italian Olives Mix
32. Fresh Honeycomb
33. Crackers
34. 10 Bamboo Fork Pickers
35. 1 Mini Bamboo Spreader
36. 1 Mini Bamboo Spoon
37. 2 Bamboo Tongs

*CheeseBoarder reserves the right to make substitutions of equivalent quality.

  • Board ships with ice packs and arrives fully assembled, chilled at 40 degrees, and ready to enjoy! 
  • Upon arrival, remove the board from its box and place it in the refrigerator. 
  • Do not remove the vacuum seal until you are ready to serve. 
  • At least one hour before serving, remove your board from the refrigerator. 
  • Get nutty! Pour your nuts from their biodegradable bag in the spot where you found them. 
  • For optimum enjoyment, please eat within seven to 10 days. 
  • Once removed from its vacuum seal, completely cover your board (or each individual tray) with parchment paper and wrap in plastic wrap. Keep in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. 
  • Jams and honey will last for up to three weeks in the refrigerator. 
  • Freezing and thawing will deteriorate the quality of the ingredients and is not recommended. 
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