Charcuterie Board

What Do You Call a Meat and Cheese Board?


When planning the food and appetizers for a party or event, many people still use terms such as meat and cheese tray or cheese plate. Some of you may even recall your own parents or grandparents slicing and arranging their own party platters. These homemade platters did get the job done but probably were not high-quality or visually appealing. Today, as our palettes grow more sophisticated and our food knowledge increases, we prefer carefully curated meats and cheeses sliced and plated with the appearance of edible art. We call this culinary creation a charcuterie and cheese board.

What is Charcuterie and Cheese?

Charcuterie is the culinary art of preparing and preserving speciality meat products. A Charcutier expertly smokes, cures or ages quality meats such as salami, prosciutto, sausage, pâtés, speck and soppressata. They are then artfully arranged on a reusable board along with gourmet crackers, breads, olives, fruits, nuts and hand-prepared spreads. If artisan cheeses are included, then it is referred to as ‘charcuterie and cheese board’.

Tapas Boards for Grazing and Entertaining

Tapas means ‘small plates’, usually filled with savory Spanish foods for sampling. As charcuterie boards have grown in popularity, so has the tapas board and they no longer are filled with only Spanish offerings. Cheeseboarder has curated Italian and French meats such as Finocchiona, La Quercia Speck and Prosciutto di San Daniele as well as a variety of salami to choose from to create an exquisite tapas board.

Is Charcuterie the Same as Antipasto?

While charcuterie and antipasto platters both contain dry, cured meats and garnishes, they are not the same. Antipasti typically contains meats, cheese, raw or cooked vegetables, olives and is sometimes served on a bed of lettuce dressed with oil and vinegar. Charcuterie actually only refers to meat and is beautifully arranged on a board sometimes with the addition of cheese. It includes gourmet condiments such as dried or fresh fruits, nuts, olives, jams and other artisan spreads. Because of its messy, oily ingredients, antipasto can not be pre-made and shipped like Cheeseboarder products.

Pair Your Beautiful Meat and Cheese Platters With Wine

No matter what you choose to call our splendidly colorful charcuterie and cheese boards, they always pair perfectly with your favorite handpicked wines. Whether you are hosting an elegant event, a holiday gathering or wine-tasting for your foodie friends, having a CheeseBoarder platter accompanied by several exquisite red and white wines will definitely make for a memorable evening.

Have Your Charcuterie Delivered Directly To Your Door

Planning a festive gathering, wedding, shower or birthday party? No matter what the occasion is, it always calls for gourmet cheese and charcuterie! Our amazing pre-made meat and cheese platters provide a variety of beautifully arranged aged meats and gourmet cheeses made only by the best small, family farms. Delicious vegan charcuterie and cheese boards are also available for those looking for a meatless, dairy-free appetizer that is pre-made and ready-to-serve to guests. Order your edible piece of art today for your next celebration or just to enjoy at home with your loved ones.

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